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Badge & Pin Programs for Scouts

Schotzie & Ice Cream

As a professional children’s illustrator, I offer a variety of drawing classes which are perfect for meeting the BADGE & PIN REQUIREMENTS for GIRL SCOUTS and BOY SCOUTS of all ages. I can accommodate classes of any size, in nearly any part of Minnesota or Wisconsin. See below for quick descriptions of the courses I can present to your scout troop.


SharkDrMy drawing courses are designed to last an hour, three hours or three days. Courses are easily customized to meet the needs of any troop. I can can cover life drawing, figure study, nature drawing, cartoon characters, wildlife, landscapes any many other topics. I can also teach these courses on location. Each course dips in to drawing basics and makes examples of how these basics can be used in every day life, as a job or as a hobby.


SnowballAs a professional illustrator, I have produced many storyboards for television and film and have created hundreds of cartoons for comic strips and comic books. My Making Comics courses are designed for children as young as age six and are appropriate for teens and adults too. These very fun and 100% hands-on courses can be customized to  last anywhere from one hour to eight hours and work well for any size group. Each course covers character design, storytelling, comic strips, comic books and one-panel cartoons.

DrawingBadgeScoutArtBadgeFor more information about the drawing and comic courses I offer

for Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts, please contact me by

email at or by telephone at (651)247-0359

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